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Drop Shot

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Having this setup in your arsenal pays off when casting into a honey hole. Cast it out, let it sink to the bottom, and twitch the rod so that the lure moves but not the weight. As usual keep most of the slack out of your line so you can see and feel the line move. Use a Gamakatsu black size 3/0 offset shank round bend worm hook to either nose hook drop shot it, wacky rig drop shot it, neither of which are weedless, or Texas rig drop shot it which is weed resistant but has less action. If you nose hook or wacky rig it then you don't need to rip the fish's mouth off on the set, a sweeping set is recommended, then immediately start reeling in.

Tie the hook on with a palomar knot and leave 24 inches of extra line. Then tie a stopper knot to the end and pinch a #3 tin split shot immediately above that. The reason I use split shots is they are convenient as I already have them in my tackle box. I like to keep things simple.

You can use any of the baits on the or any other soft plastic on the soft plastic page.

drop shot