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White Pond, Concord, MA

White Pond is a 40 acre kettle pond formed by receeding glaciers over 10,000 years ago. Trout is the predominant catch. For that it is one of the best cold water fisheries in eastern Massachusetts. There is a public boat ramp, with a few parking spots, for car top boats, electric motors only, to the east off Plainfield Road. A public parking lot for a few cars is on Varick Street. The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail runs past, west of the pond. Miles of public trails offer fishing access and hiking around the southwest quadrant and can be ingressed by parking in the office building lot at 144 North Road in Sudbury and getting on the Sudbury Conservation Trail to the White Pond Reservation trails in Concord that abut the pond.

Thoreau said White Pond may be the most beautiful of our lakes, despite Walden. Today the town owned White Pond Reservation has been left undeveloped as it was, for us to enjoy, natural, and peaceful.

Bring PowerBait, nightcrawlers, shiners, or spoons.

Trout stocking schedule

Custom map of White Pond Reservation for GPS units.

white pond

white pond

White Pond Reservation trail map
white pond