Dan's Tackle Box

Texas Rig

Tackle Box Rating - Candy

The Texas rig is a bass trap. Weedless. Classically it is fished with a bullet slip weight, but I fish it weightless. Use a Gamakatsu black size 3/0 offset shank round bend worm hook. Tie it on with an improved clinch knot. Keep the hook point buried in the plastic.

Let it sit between slow reels, or jerk it. Usually the fish strike when it's sitting or falling. A lot of times they bite right after it hits the water. Keep most of the slack out of your line so you can see and feel the line move. When you feel the fish cross their eyes.

You can use many different types of soft plastics from the soft plastic page. I like the Yamamoto 5 inch Swim Senko, Bass Pro Shops 5 3/8 inch Stiko, and Zoom 5 inch Super Fluke the best. The Fluke is the most weedless, the Stiko second, and then the Swim Senko, but the Swim Senko catches the most fish.

weightless texas rig