Dan's Tackle Box

Wacky Rig

Tackle Box Rating - Fishfinder

This rig is not weedless. Tie on a Gamakatsu black size 3/0 offset shank round bend worm hook with an improved clinch knot, and use a Bass Pro Shops 5 3/8 inch Stiko. It doesn't cast as far as the Texas rig because of its aerodynamics. Or wacky rig the drop shot.

Plastic can tear easily when wacky rigged. There is an easy to use tool that wraps the worm in rubber bands near the hook making it altogether more durable.

Slowly drag it around, jig it, jiggle it, and let it sit between reels. Most of the time it gets hit when it is still or falling. A lot of times they bite right when it hits the water.

wacky rig