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  Spearfishing in Playa del Carmen
Punta Cana Sailfish
Montana Treasure Hunt
  Cancún Surfcasting
Wachusett Reservoir Lake Trout
Swift River Fly Fishing
Fishing Log

Playa del Carmen, Mexico, February 2017


Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/30/2016

3 pound lake trout

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/20/2016

My biggest fan

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/16/2016

Fat rainbow

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/14/2016

Salmon in the Wachusett Reservoir

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/6/2016

Great day with the family

Stillwater River, Sterling, MA, 10/29/2016

Early on in the salmon run

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 10/19/2016

Why is it so difficult lately to catch a fish at the
Wachusett Reservoir?

Merrimack River, Lowell, MA, 10/15/2016

Greg and I went angling for bass with rubber worms, jigs, and spoons, and for carp with sweet corn

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 10/12/2016

Going after the elusive landlocked Atlantic salmon

Craigville, Barnstable, MA, 10/10/2016

Fishing Craigville Beach

Thanks Jim

When you go fishing you are among a million friends, just don't cross their lines or they will cut your heart out

Tispaquin Pond, Middleboro, MA, 9/2016

Shore fishing while camping on the pond

Salem, MA, 8/27/2016

Salem witch, tall ship, fishing trip

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 8/19/2016

Fly fishing for smallies at the Wachusett Reservoir

Swift River, Belchertown, MA, 8/11/2016

How to stay cool when it is 102° real feel

Charles River, Natick, MA, 7/30/2016

Paddling South Natick

Flat Rock, Rockport, MA, 7/23/2016


Cape Cod, MA, 7/2016

The Ditch, Swan Pond, Swan River, and Old Harbor Creek

Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA, 7/4/2016

Fishing at Mill Pond on America's birthday

Hale Reservation, Westwood, MA, 7/3/2016

Fishing and hiking

Parker's River, South Yarmouth, MA, 6/24/2016

Success, be it ever so small

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 6/18/2016

Larry's here

Tispaquin Pond, Middleboro, MA, 6/2016

Beast mode entered

Jaws Trivia

Cue the scary piano music

Parker's River, South Yarmouth, MA, 5/29/2016

A lot of crabs caught on squid chunk, and a quarter pounder striper on a Kastmaster

Niagara Falls, Canada, 5/2016

Blowing up worms on the Niagara

Wachusett Mountain, Princeton, MA, 4/24/2016

Throwing a line in at Echo Lake, hiking, and barbecuing

Stillwater River, Sterling, and Quinapoxet River, Holden, MA, 4/9/2016

Fly fishing

Quinapoxet River, Holden, MA, 3/25/2016

The river was stocked this week

Quinapoxet River, West Boylston, and Unionville Pond, Holden, MA, 3/19/2016

First time at the Quinnie

Weedless Kastmaster

Not sure if this is a good idea

White Pond, Concord, MA 3/5/2016

Hiking, and fishing for trout

Cancún, Mexico, 2/2016

Yellowtail snapper

Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA, 1/17/2016

Hearth cooked fish recipes from the Old Sturbridge Village Cookbook

Chicken Brook, Holliston, MA, 1/3/2016

Fishing and 3 geocaches

Carp Fishing at Farm Pond, Framingham, MA, 12/24/2015

Merry Christmas fish!

Testbed, 12/13/2015

Testing out homemade spinnerbait

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/30/2015

Last day of the 2015 Wachusett Reservoir season

Lake Champlain, VT, 11/27/2015

Going for spawning lake trout or Champ

Custom Spinnerbait

Making an inline spinner

Fish Quiz

Test your fishing knowledge

My First Laker, Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/1/2015

Thank you Wachusett Reservoir Addicts!

Fishing with the Addicts, Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 10/26/2015

Dude, where's my lure?

Legoland, Somerville, MA, 10/11/2015

Building an anglerfish at Lego Academy

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 10/4/2015

Geocaching, picking wild cranberries for a pie, and catching fish with worms we dug up

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 9/12/2015

Digging up worms at the Wachusett Reservoir and catching bass with them

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 9/12/2015

A keeper fish comes unhooked at the Chu

First Geocache Find, 9/7/2015

Found two geocaches today from 'Where the brookies are' series

Charles River, MA, 8/28/2015

Medway to Norfolk

Narrow River, Narragansett, RI, 8/23/2015

Sea Robin

Canal Cruiser

A simple way to mount a rocket launcher to a bike

Geocaching with the eTrex 20

There are fishing related geocaches that are fun to look for and create

Montana, 8/2015

Fenn treasure hunt and a little fly fishing on the Madison River

Sandwich, MA, 7/2015

Scup and black sea bass

Powissett Pond, Dover, MA, 7/12/2015

Fishing at Grossman Summer Camp

Ashland Reservoir, Ashland, MA, 7/5/2015

Stealth trolling mission with Obi-Wan

Hopkinton Reservoir, Hopkinton, MA, 7/5/2015

Fishing at the resie

Wells Beach, Wells, ME, 5/15/2015

Striper fishing

Minute Man Park, Lexington and Concord, MA, 5/9/2015

Fish revolution in Lexington and Concord

Just Another Middlesex County Stream, MA, 5/4/2015

Dangerous to be a fish