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Fishing Log Entries

Cape Cod, 11/2019
Thanksgiving on the Cape
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Mount Washington Hotel
Forrest Fenn Treasure Solve
The Firehole River in Yellowstone
My Forrest Fenn Treasure Solve
Wachusett Reservoir, 10/13/2019
Dam walkway open to the public today
Wachusett Reservoir Dam
Palmer, MA, 9/2019
The railroad to Bass Heaven
Palmer, Massachusetts
Milford Quarry, 9/2/2019
Cliff jumping
Milford Quarry
Cape Cod, 8/2019
Cape Cod
Charles River, 8/11/2019
Needham to Dedham, and portage around the Cochrane Dam
Charles River
Ashland Reservoir, 8/1/2019
Hungry and uneducated bass at the overflow
Ashland Reservoir
Whitney Pond, 7/28/2019
Biked the North Central Pathway
North Central Pathway in Winchendon, Massachusetts
Wachusett Reservoir, 7/27/2019
Catching footballs
Wachusett Reservoir Smallmouth Bass
Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, 7/14/2019
Fished Ice House Pond and Nara Park
Bruce Freeman Rail Trail
Mediterranean Cruise, 6/2019
Spain, Italy, France
Mediterranean Cruise
Charles River, 6/9/2019
Dragon Boat Race
Dragon boat race on the Charles River
Charles River, 6/8/2019
Wellesley to Needham
Charles River, Wellesley to Needham
Heart Pond, Chelmsford, MA, 6/2/2019
Bruce Freeman Rail Trail
Heart Pond, Chelmsford
Southborough Rod & Gun Club, 5/18/2019
Brook trout on a dry fly
Brook trout from the Southborough Rod and Gun Club trout pond
Quabbin Reservoir, 5/15/2019
Rented a boat at gate 43
Quabbin Reservoir
Attitash, 5/2019
Mountain resort
Attitash New Hampshire
Wachusett Reservoir
Ashland Reservoir, 5/3/2019
Bass on an Mepps inline spinner
Bass at the Ashland Reservoir
Wachusett Reservoir, 4/27/2019
Park Serve Day 2019
Trash and litter pick up at the Wachusett Reservoir
Lake Whitehall, 4/22/2019
Caught 4 different species while hiking the 6 mile loop trail
Lake Whitehall
Ashland Reservoir, 4/19/2019
Hiked the 3.5 mile trail around the reservoir with the kids
Ashland Reservoir
Ashland Reservoir, 4/3/2019
Pickerel on a Mepps inline spinner
Pickerel on a Mepps inline spinner
Rainbow trout at the Ashland Reservoir
Chimney Corners Camp, Becket, MA, 3/2019
Ice fishing Chimney Corners Pond
Chimney Corners Pond
Manchester Street Power Plant, Providence, RI, 2/25/2019
Fishing another power plant outflow for winterover striper
New England Aquarium
New England Aquarium, 2/21/2019
Great White Shark on IMAX and sea life on display over school break
New England Aquarium
Cape Cod, 2/2019
Fishing for snow rats and winter flatfish
Winter Striper Fishing
Peters Reservation, Dover, MA, 2/8/2019
Another Trustees of Reservations property
Peters Reservation
Cedariver, Millis, MA, 2/5/2019
Hiked around this Trustees of Reservations property
Jerry's Bait & Tackle, 2/2/2019
Question and answer with Jerry
Jerry's bait & Tackle
Ashland Reservoir, 1/19/2019
First fish of the year
Ashland Reservoir
Hopedale Pond, 1/18/2019
Ice fishing and skating
Hopedale Pond
Hopping Brook, 1/5/2019
Exploring Brentwood Conservation Land
Hopping Brook
Lake Cochituate, 12/22/2018
Pegan Cove pickerel
Lake Cochituate
Ashland Reservoir, 12/8/2018
Hiking around the res
Ashland Reservoir
New Hampshire, 11/2018
Fishing destroyed by fire
Freedom NH
Wachusett Reservoir, 11/10/2018
Fishing with Johnny
Wachusett Reservoir
Dean Pond, 11/3/2018
Pickerel hunting
Dean Pond
Disney, 10/2018
Fishing is Disney's best kept secret
Ashland Reservoir, MA, 10/13/2018
Catching stockies, 1100 of them were put in on September 27
Fishkill, NY, 10/2018
Fishkill from the Dutch words vis meaning fish and kil meaning creek
Wachusett Mountain, 9/30/2018
Fished Echo Lake on the hike to the summit
Rocky Narrows, 9/27/2018
Along the Charles in Sherborn
Quabbin Reservoir, 9/22/2018
Gate 16 smallmouth
Camp Avoda, 9/2018
Tent camping
Cape Cod, 9/2018
Bonito, bluefish, and northern kingfish
Cape Cod, 8/2018
Last week of summer vacation on the Cape