Featured Fishing Log Entries

  Spearfishing in Playa del Carmen  
Montana Treasure Hunt  
  Punta Cana Sailfish  
Cancún Surfcasting  
My Legacy  
  Old Sturbridge Village on the 4th  
Wachusett Reservoir Lake Trout  
Swift River Fly Fishing  

Fishing Log

Housatonic River, Stockbridge, MA, 2/2018

Fly fishing behind the Norman Rockwell Museum

Puerto Aventuras, 2/2018

Snorkeling, sailing, and submarining

Ashland Reservoir, 2/10/2018

Ice fishing

Waukewan Lake, Merideth, NH, 11/24/2017

Rainbow trout

Wachusett Reservoir, 11/21/2017

Lake trout

Wachusett Reservoir, 11/15/2017


Native American Trail, 10/27/2017

Native American fishing stick

Canobie Lake, 10/15/2017


Stillwater River, 10/14/2017

Salmon are spawning, but caught this silly pickerel instead

Cape Cod, 10/2017

Schoolie feeding frenzy

Charles River, 9/30/2017

Fishing behind the old Medfield State Hospital

Charles River, 9/23/2017

Medfield to Dover

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 9/17/2017

Field day

Charles River, 9/16/2017

Power fishing

Tispaquin Pond, Middleboro, MA, 9/2017


Wayside Inn Grist Mill Pond, Sudbury, MA, 9/4/2017

Fishing at Grist Mill Pond

Cape Cod, 8/2017

The Canal is thumping

Charles River, 8/19/2017

Norfolk to Millis, on the way to Boston

Battle Road Trail, Concord, MA, 8/6/2017

History lesson and fishing at Folly Pond in the Minute Man National Park

Hopkinton State Park, Hopkinton, MA, 7/30/2017

First time paddle boarding

Lexington, MA, 7/16/2017

Birthplace of American freedom

Hopedale Pond, Hopedale, MA, 7/15/2017

Hiking, fishing, picnicking

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 7/8/2017

Mowing down steel plates and bass

Russia, 6/2017

A fish called zander

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 6/19/2017

Like shooting fish in a barrel, and some turtle soup

Charles River, Boston, MA, 6/11/2017

Dragon boat racing

Tispaquin Pond, Middleboro, MA, 6/2017

Camping and fishing trip

North Conway, NH, 5/2017

Fly fishing along the Kancamagus Highway

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 5/20/2017

1st place in kids' fishing derby

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 5/7/2017

2nd place in adult fishing derby

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 5/1/2017

Teaching the kids to fly fish

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 4/29/2017

Catching rainbows

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 4/28/2017

Rainbow trout

Duck Pond, Hopkinton, MA, 4/24/2017


Southborough Rod and Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 4/10/2017

Trout pond

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 4/3/2017

Lake trout

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 4/1/2017

Opening day

Playa del Carmen, Mexico, 2/2017


Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/30/2016

3 pound lake trout

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/20/2016

My biggest fan

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/16/2016

Fat rainbow trout

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/14/2016

Salmon in the Wachusett Reservoir

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/6/2016

Great day with the family

Stillwater River, Sterling, MA, 10/29/2016

Early on in the salmon run

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 10/19/2016

Why is it so difficult lately to catch a fish at the
Wachusett Reservoir?

Merrimack River, Lowell, MA, 10/15/2016

Greg and I went angling for bass with rubber worms, jigs, and spoons, and for carp with sweet corn

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 10/12/2016

Going after the elusive landlocked Atlantic salmon

Craigville, Barnstable, MA, 10/10/2016

Fishing Craigville Beach

Thanks Jim

When you go fishing you are among a million friends, just don't cross their lines or they will cut your heart out

Tispaquin Pond, Middleboro, MA, 9/2016

Shore fishing while camping on the pond

Salem, MA, 8/27/2016

Salem witch, tall ship, fishing trip

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 8/19/2016

Fly fishing for smallies at the Wachusett Reservoir

Swift River, Belchertown, MA, 8/11/2016

How to stay cool when it is 102° real feel

Charles River, Natick, MA, 7/30/2016

Paddling South Natick

Flat Rock, Rockport, MA, 7/23/2016


Cape Cod, MA, 7/2016

The Ditch, Swan Pond, Swan River, and Old Harbor Creek