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Fishing Log

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 5/20/2018

Don't be a tosser

Maine, 5/2018

Wells, Peaks Island, Ogunquit

Tispaquin Pond, Middleboro, MA, 5/6/2018


Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 5/5/2018

4 pound smallie

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 4/28/2018

Colorful rainbow trout and some historical black & white photos

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, 4/26/2018

Fly fishing and muzzleloading

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 4/21/2018

Bald eagle nesting

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 4/14/2018

Smallmouth bass

Indian Brook, Hopkinton, MA, 4/8/2018

Hopkinton Reservoir impounded brook

Elm Park, Worcester, MA, 3/24/2018

Lincoln Pond

Housatonic River, Stockbridge, MA, 2/2018

Fly fishing behind the Norman Rockwell Museum

Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, 2/2018

Snorkeling, sailing, submarining

Ashland Reservoir, 2/10/2018

Ice fishing

Waukewan Lake, Merideth, NH, 11/24/2017

Rainbow trout

Wachusett Reservoir, 11/21/2017

Lake trout

Wachusett Reservoir, 11/15/2017


Native American Trail, 10/27/2017

Native American fishing stick

Canobie Lake, 10/15/2017


Stillwater River, 10/14/2017

Salmon are spawning, but caught this silly pickerel instead

Cape Cod, 10/2017

Schoolie feeding frenzy

Charles River, 9/30/2017

Fishing behind the old Medfield State Hospital

Charles River, 9/23/2017

Medfield to Dover

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 9/17/2017

Field day

Charles River, 9/16/2017

Power fishing

Tispaquin Pond, Middleboro, MA, 9/2017


Wayside Inn Grist Mill Pond, Sudbury, MA, 9/4/2017

Fishing at Grist Mill Pond

Cape Cod, 8/2017

The Canal is thumping

Charles River, 8/19/2017

Norfolk to Millis, on the way to Boston

Battle Road Trail, Concord, MA, 8/6/2017

History lesson and fishing at Folly Pond in the Minute Man National Park

Hopkinton State Park, Hopkinton, MA, 7/30/2017

First time paddle boarding

Lexington, MA, 7/16/2017

Birthplace of American freedom

Hopedale Pond, Hopedale, MA, 7/15/2017

Hiking, fishing, picnicking

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 7/8/2017

Mowing down steel plates and bass

Russia, 6/2017

A fish called zander

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 6/19/2017

Like shooting fish in a barrel, and some turtle soup

Charles River, Boston, MA, 6/11/2017

Dragon boat racing

Tispaquin Pond, Middleboro, MA, 6/2017

Camping and fishing trip

North Conway, NH, 5/2017

Fly fishing along the Kancamagus Highway

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 5/20/2017

1st place in kids' fishing derby

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 5/7/2017

2nd place in adult fishing derby

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 5/1/2017

Teaching the kids to fly fish

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 4/29/2017

Catching rainbows

Southborough Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 4/28/2017

Rainbow trout

Duck Pond, Hopkinton, MA, 4/24/2017


Southborough Rod and Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA, 4/10/2017

Trout pond

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 4/3/2017

Lake trout

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 4/1/2017

Opening day

Playa del Carmen, Mexico, 2/2017


Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/30/2016

3 pound lake trout

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/20/2016

My biggest fan

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/16/2016

Fat rainbow trout

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/14/2016

Salmon in the Wachusett Reservoir

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 11/6/2016

Great day with the family

Stillwater River, Sterling, MA, 10/29/2016

Early on in the salmon run

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 10/19/2016

Why is it so difficult lately to catch a fish at the
Wachusett Reservoir?

Merrimack River, Lowell, MA, 10/15/2016

Greg and I went angling for bass with rubber worms, jigs, and spoons, and for carp with sweet corn

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 10/12/2016

Going after the elusive landlocked Atlantic salmon

Craigville, Barnstable, MA, 10/10/2016

Fishing Craigville Beach

Thanks Jim

When you go fishing you are among a million friends, just don't cross their lines or they will cut your heart out

Tispaquin Pond, Middleboro, MA, 9/2016

Shore fishing while camping on the pond

Salem, MA, 8/27/2016

Salem witch, tall ship, fishing trip

Wachusett Reservoir, Boylston, MA, 8/19/2016

Fly fishing for smallies at the Wachusett Reservoir

Swift River, Belchertown, MA, 8/11/2016

How to stay cool when it is 102° real feel

Charles River, Natick, MA, 7/30/2016

Paddling South Natick

Flat Rock, Rockport, MA, 7/23/2016


Cape Cod, MA, 7/2016

The Ditch, Swan Pond, Swan River, and Old Harbor Creek