Dan's Tackle Box

Rod and Reel

Spinning Rod
7' medium, fast action, Ugly Stik 2 piece rod. They are durable.

Spinning Reel
Shimano Sienna 4000

Sufix 832 Braided Line
20 pound test. Wrap the bare spool with two wraps of duct tape before spooling so the line does not spin on the reel. Green color. Using a quadruple surgeon's knot tie on a few feet of 20lb Seaguar fluorocarbon leader for abrasion resistance and stealth. When tying braid to terminal tackle like snaps always use a palomar knot.

Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leader
3 feet of 20 pound fluorocarbon leader helps keep you from getting sawed off. Join lines using a quadruple surgeon's knot. Fluorocarbon is the most invisible type of line underwater. Tie this to terminal tackle, like snaps and hooks, using an improved clinch knot.

Ice Fishing Combo
Use a small 28 inch, or so, rod with a light spinning reel spooled with 20lb Sufix 832 braided line and a 3ft Seaguar 20lb fluorocarbon leader, and a size 2 hook for shiners.

Tip Ups
Check your state regulations for how many lines you can have through the ice. In Massachusetts it is 5. Rig them with the ice rig. Spool with 30 pound Mason braided green tip up line and 3 feet of 20 pound Seaguar fluorocarbon leader tied together with a quadruple surgeon's knot. I use a size 2 hook for shiners.

Fly Rod and Reel
Use a 5/6 weight graphite rod and reel for trout fishing, 20 pound dacron backing, 5/6 weight forward fly line, 2x tapered leader, and 3x tippet. Scientific Angler has a good trout or bass kit combo that includes everything, line too.