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Wachusett Mountain, MA

This is more a place to hike than fish, but nevertheless there are water bodies on the mountain. Summit Pond holds coy fish, was used as ice supply before electric refrigeration, but fishing is not allowed. There is Echo Lake near the base and fishing is allowed, but I didn't catch anything there. If you bring a fishing rod make it a telescopic or pack rod terminated with a small size 10 bait hook and some live worms.

Seasonally the parkway, Summit Road, can be driven to the 2006 foot peak where an 80 foot steel summit fire lookout tower provides the public with views of Boston, Mount Monadnock, and the Berkshires. On a clear day one can see for over 100 miles.

Echo Lake
Wachusett Mountain

Built over a hundred years ago there used to be a hotel at the summit of Mount Wachusett called the Summit House until it burnt down in 1970. Summit House picture circa early 20th century.
Wachusett Mountain

Trail Map
Wachusett Mountain