Dan's Tackle Box

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

On the drive from our resort to the incredible Bavaro seaside, where Gone Fishing moors its boats, we saw the country. Lots of animals, simple living, beautiful landscapes, and people piled on mopeds. The boat launch at Jellyfish Beach was defended by guards wearing fatigues with machine guns. Onto a skiff we went, and then aboard the Sarabel. The crew did not seem bothered by the massive 10 foot waves that rocked the 36 foot Chris Craft. A group of passengers, however, weren't so comfortable, throwing up overboard, into barrels, and on the deck. When we got to our fishing hole 10 miles offshore, identified by circling birds and boats, one land lover said he could not take it any longer. So we had to turn around, trolling on the way back and hooking a drag ripping sailfish. That was the end of our trip, one of the shortest and most vitalizing fishing adventures I've had.

A guy on our deep sea fishing trip reels in a sailfish

Snorkeling and feeding angelfish bread off the reef