Dan's Tackle Box

Kingsbury Pond, Medfield, MA

Kingsbury Pond was formed when the Nantasket Brook in Medfield was dammed. The grist mill on the pond dates back to 1718, and the current structure to 1819. Previous to the mill a brewery was on the site. The millstones used to grind grain into flour are on display. There is parking for a few vehicles. It is good place to shore fish along the trail, put in a canoe, and ice fish.

While I was there I ran into an interesting gentleman named Dick Judge, a member of the Grist Mill Committee, and his dog Striker. He told me a great deal of what I learned about the pond and mill as I had never been here before. He is interested in joining the trail ends together, stocking trout in the waterfall pool and stream around the back of the mill, and mentioned the mill Facebook page which has pictures of some lunkers from the pond.