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Wachusett Reservoir, MA

- Fishing Season Open April 3, 2021, 5:25am

Near the beginning of the 20th century the 971 x 114 foot Wachusett Dam was built by hand, impounding the Stillwater River, flooding the valley through Boylston, West Boylston, Sterling, and Clinton under 65 billion gallons of fresh drinking water designated for the city of Boston. It stands as one of the most monumental civil engineeering projects in New England history. Remnants of hundreds of destroyed, displaced, and relocated homes, schools, churches, farms, and factories sit at the bottom. The abondoned Old Stone Church, built in 1891, is the only surviving structure. Thousands of corpses were moved from what is now called Cemetery Island leaving a disturbing reminder. Dozens of people lost their lives in accidents supporting construction of the dam, most of whom were sent into underground tunnels where explosives were used to create the aquaduct.

The Chu is 7 miles long with an average depth of 42 feet and a max depth of 120 feet. Most of the 37 miles of shoreline is accessible for fishing, with exception to the no fishing zone in the northeast quadrant. There are miles of trails and numerous designated parking areas around the res. It holds many different native species of fish. Shore fishing is allowed in certain areas one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset from the first Saturday in April through November 30, given it is not iced over. Ice fishing, boats, and wading are not permitted. Use rubber worms, 1/2 - 1 ounce spoons like the Kastmaster attached with a snap, or the laker rig with a shiner or blown up live nightcrawler to keep it off the bottom.

Popular spots include the Ledges, Bull Rock, the Rook, Scar Hill, and the Cellars.

wachusett reservoir

Wachusett Reservoir

Bull Rock at the Wachusett Reservoir

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wachusett reservoir

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