Dan's Tackle Box

Miscellaneous Tackle

Tackle Bag or Tackle Box
I use a small tackle bag because it's much more convenient to carry and access when walking the shorline. I put it on my back and it holds everything that I typically use. A small tackle box is easy to organize, but less mobile.

Lip Grip Scale
Good to weigh the big ones. Also holds nasty pickerel and treble hooked fish.

Shiner Bucket
For when you go ice fishing.

Rod Holder Stake
Used with the kids rig.

8" Hand Ice Auger
To cut holes in the ice.

Ice Cleats
STABILicers Maxx ice cleats are what I have.

Chest Waders
I wear an inexpensive pair of insulated lug sole chest waders. Wear a wader belt for safety.

Worm Blower
Blow up a live nighcrawler so it floats off the bottom when using the laker rig.